About Pete Gibbs

Online shopping... It's the future!

Online shopping… It’s the future!

I am a young 35 year old internet enthusiast, digital evangelist & eCommerce guru (isn’t everyone!) with a wealth of experience in all kinds of online developments (in fact well over a decade now which makes me feel really old!). I have been involved in development of bespoke content management systems, enterprise resource planning system integrations with front end websites, bespoke web applications, mobile applications, mobile websites and much more…

Anyway, the purpose of this page is to give you a little bit of background about me, for whatever reason you are here (even if you’re just being nosy), it’s not meant to be an online CV, if you are interested to know more detail about the sort of eCommerce work I have done, feel free to have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

What ever reason you are here, please feel free to say “hello” via one of the virtually social options.

Outside the 9-5

Well… Over the years I have been somewhat of a serial website generator (taxi sites, lingerie, costumes, marketing databases, forums, insurance comparisons and many more) however more recently I have been selective about what I dedicate my time to.

I have kept TaxiNumber.com as one of my first and most successful projects, it holds a special place in my online heart, I’ve re-written it 3 times and it’s now had well in excess of 3.5 million visits… Not bad for almost entirely organic traffic.

AlgarveUncovered.com is another that occupies my virtual wall of fame, although it’s not actually one of my sites, I re-built it (twice) and it continues to perform incredibly well, with continued year on year growth it now achieves over 200’000 visitors / month with over 84% coming entirely from organic traffic.

Private life

I am married with 5 children, I have 3 boys & 2 girls, the youngest being born July 2011.

Private life… published online…? I know, it’s right up there with buying a diet coke to accompany a large big mac meal… Perhaps slightly ironic I will concede!

The lads are into football, squash & swimming. The the eldest daughter is into swimming, squash, running, football, singing, dancing and just about anything else that keeps her busy.

Free time

Needless to say with 5 children I don’t get a huge amount of free time, but when I do, these are some of the things I’d consider my hobbies:

  • Qualified Level 2 FA football coach for a local under 16’s football team (ever hopeful to soon be league champions!)
  • Squash enthusiast, responsible for creation and maintenance of a works squash ladder and even partaking in the odd game when time permitted. (Although departed residing at #2 which I was not very pleased about). Nowadays, watching the daughter play is as close as I come to a squash court.
  • Occasional runner, primarily when under duress or obligation to a charity! Successfully raised over £700 for The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) on completion of the Great Manchester 10km Run in May 2011 & for MND completing the Anglesey Half Marathon in March 2015.